October 2020

In this Ekkono SWP (Short White Paper) we explain how to get started with Edge Machine Learning; How to select your first project and what to think of when starting up. We also show you frameworks in forms of Scenario Matrix, a Use Case Stair and a CRISP-DM process.

When starting this type of project, first you have to do is identify the problem/scenario it is going to solve. It could be scenarios for product improvements or maybe for solving quality issues. When scenarios are identified, we use a simplified matrix to estimate the Machine Learning (ML) project potential in four different categories: ML Applicability, Business Value, Feasibility and Sustainability. In this Short White Paper, we guide you into the first steps of applying Edge Machine Learning.

Click the image to download the SWP document (pdf).

Ekkono’s SWP are documented results of our #openfika webinars.

The webinars are also recorded and available to watch in our YouTube channel or below:

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