Ekkono offers a number of Education Packages and Professional Services to get you started on your machine learning journey. Below are some of the packages we offer. Feel free to contact us for other questions, packages and services within the machine learning area.

Eductation Packages

Edge Academy

The goal is to give you an understanding of the main concepts and how they fit together.


  • 2 hour lecture (video or remote)


  • None

Recommended number of participants

  • 5-15

Technical course

This course aims to introduce the main functionality of Ekkono’s SDK and how it is used to develop and deploy edge machine learning solutions. After the course, you will be familiar with Ekkono’s SDK, Ekkono Studio and how to deploy machine learning models on edge devices.


  • 2 x 1 hour lectures (video or remote)
  • Self study exercise
  • 1 hour optional exercise workshop


  • Basic understanding of machine learning
  • Basic programming skills

Recommended number of participants

  • 5-10

Professional Services


This pre-study explores the plethora of use cases that are enabled by Edge Machine Learning. Ekkono experts will look at data currently available and assess the results and develop a custom report with conclusions, recommendations, and a roadmap for how to proceed towards a pilot and deployment.

Target Audience

  • Product OEM companies wanting to explore Edge Machine Learning.


  • A report with a firm recommendation for how to implement a solution to resolve a unique use case for your company.


  • Product Owner, Data Scientist


  • 3 weeks

Project support

Ekkono has extensive experience and knowledge from working on different use cases with top tier customers and have developed a state-of-the-art process for how to do Edge ML projects, using a refined version of the CRISP-DM process.

Resident Ekkonian

Boost your in-house competencies with support from Ekkono’s data scientists.

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