A Place for Machine Learning Creativity

Ekkono Studio is a workbench for developing edge machine learning solutions that can later easily be deployed on a device.

In Ekkono Studio, you will develop your solutions in Notebooks using Python, but the machine learning models that you create can later be loaded into any C++ or C program. Inside the Studio you can read our tutorials, indulge in our documentation or get creative with our machine learning algorithms using our LEGO styled code snippets. The environment is fully sandboxed and you are free to make changes to all the content. If you manage to code yourself into a corner, or if any other questions arise, you can always contact us.

Ekkono Studio – Overview

  • Jupyter hub based environment hosted in the cloud.
  • Utilization of Primer through Python and Jupyter notebooks.
  • Code snippets for faster coding, deployed through drag and drop (example below).
  • Interactive notebook tutorials.
  • Educational videos.

Contact us if you are interested in trying out Ekkono Studio.

Snippets in Ekkono Studio

Ekkono’s LEGO styled code snippets are available by clicking on the </> icon in the left side toolbar. The code snippets tutorial video shows how they are used. With them you can create your first Ekkono machine learning model with minimal effort.