Short, Relevant and Trailblazing

Ekkono is a tech company, built on research and knowledge. What we do is cutting-edge and our data scientist and engineers develop new software and solutions on a daily basis to make connected devices smarter and more sustainable. We love to share what we know and are able do with our edge machine learning technology.

On a monthly basis we produce “On The Edge With Ekkono” – short and informative videos on topics related to our core. In just a few minutes we will keep you updates on new technology, research, use cases, customer cases, trends, news, and so on. We truly believe that this dose of machine learning on the edge expertise will get you new knowledge, insights and inspiration on how you can jump on the edge train with us.

#1: Why Machine Learning Needs Edge

Jon Lindén, CEO, Ekkono

Today’s connected products need to be smarter in order to reach their full potential. They also need to act more sustainable to be accommodated within the boundaries of the planet. To do this we use machine learning. And not just any ML, but Edge ML, where we process data locally, onboard the device. Watch this very first “On The Edge With Ekkono: Why Machine Learning Needs Edge” and learn the true benefits of using edge machine learning.

#2: The True Business Potential in IoT

Linn Sidahl, Head of Business Development, Ekkono

In this episode of On the Edge with Ekkono, we talk about why data won’t be the new oil, and why insights matter more. Learn the true business potential in IoT by using edge machine learning to make physical products smart – i.e. cognitive, predictive and context-aware.

#3: Why You Should Consider Edge Machine Learning

Rikard König, CTO, Ekkono

What is really the difference between cloud and edge analytics? What are the challenges of sending and processing data in the cloud and the benefits of doing it onboard devices – on the edge?Ekkono’s CTO and Co-founder, Dr Rikard König, explain why you should consider applying Edge ML onto your existing products.

#4: Optimize Energy Use With Edge ML

Jon Lindén, CEO, Ekkono

We have seen what our edge machine learning software can do to optimize and automate energy use for industrial and automotive companies and their existing products, and by that truly contribute to energy transition and a more climate neutral world. Watch this OTEWE to learn more.

#5: Cloud vs Edge

Jan Bosch, Professor of Software Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and Director of Software Center

In this special episode of On The Edge with Ekkono, we invited Jan Bosch to talk about the difference between edge and cloud, how they complement each other and how the future evolves when it come to centralized vs decentralized machine learning.

#6: Research at Ekkono

Eva Garcia Martin, Data Scientist, Ekkono

Why do we focus so much on research at Ekkono, how do we deploy machine learning research into our SDK and what are our principles? Watch Ekkono’s Data Scientist and Machine Learning PhD, Eva Garcia Martin, talk about research, technology, sustainability and the connection between.

#7: Why and How You Should Explore Edge ML

Anders Alneng, Co-founder and VP Sales, Ekkono

Watch Anders Alneng talk about what the Industry 4.0 really means for products companies, from our perspective as a pioneer software provider – and why you want to start exploring machine learning on the edge.

#8: Decentralized Edge Machine Learning

Rikard König, CTO, Ekkono

Watch Ekkono’s Co-founder and CTO, Rikard König, talk about how Edge ML in embedded systems can enable decision support for IoT, and how decentralized learning simplifies problems by divide and conquer.

#9: Why Goliat Needs David

Linn Sidahl, Head of Business Development, Ekkono

In this ‘On The Edge With Ekkono’, Linn Sidahl, talk about why large companies and corporations need to collaborate with smaller technology pioneers to speed up the pace of new technology, meet the demands of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 – and help build a sustainable future!