License Code for Edge Machine Learning

Ekkono’s business model revolves around licensing code. We have two different licenses. The Developer License gives you access to the full product. The Deployment License for your deployed products with our libraries in them.

Developer License

The Developer License is an annual subscription license per user (developer seat, named users) that gives unlimited access to the Ekkono Edge Intelligence development tools for the purpose of developing features that leverage edge machine learning. The start package comes with two (2) developer seats; Additional developer seats can be purchased separately. Provided a valid and paid in full license, the developer seats are entitled to product support and software updates. The Developer License comes with no right to distribute any copies or embedded redistributables of the Ekkono software to customers/third parties, or use for other commercial implementations. That is regulated by the Deployment License.

The developer license is tied to two named developer seats with two emails. The login to the library, tools, Ekkono Studio and documentation is tied to these two email addresses. Licensee may at any time assign another Designated User to replace a then-current Designated User by notifying Ekkono in writing, provided that any Designated User may be replaced only once during any six-month period.

The login is to:

Price: 4,500€ for the first two (2) developer seats, 1,500€ for subsequent seats.

Deployment License

The Deployment License is a per-unit license for every unit shipped with Ekkono’s library. It is usually sold in blocks of 100, 1k, 10k, 100k or 1M units. The Deployment License is usually a perpetual license, but can also be provided as a subscription model. A valid Developer License is required to buy Deployment Licenses. The right to distribute any copies or embedded redistributable of the Ekkono library, or usage of other commercial implementations, is regulated by the Deployment License.

Price: Contact us for a quote