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The word ekkono means cognition. And that is what we do – we make connected things (IoT) smart. Our edge machine learning software enables product companies in different industries to rapidly develop and deploy self-learning, predictive and personalized smart features onboard their products.

Our strength is that we actually do machine learning and not just inference at the edge, which means that we can learn individual use and super-local conditions. And we can even do this on really small devices that run MCUs. This enables a plethora of use cases like predictive and condition-based maintenance, auto-configuration and auto-installation, virtual sensors, smart battery management, and more.

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Ekkono and Acobia Predict Maintenance on Öresundsbron

Ekkono and Acobia Predict Maintenance on Öresundsbron

Machine Learning is applicable in most industries and is often used for maintenance on machines – to monitor their health values. However, predictive maintenance is becoming more recognized, by analyzing data from machines and their environment to predict maintenance...

Winning Awards – Why It Matters

Winning Awards – Why It Matters

Blog PostJon Lindén, CEO Ekkono The first week of November, Ekkono was awarded not only one, but three prestigious awards for our cutting-edge technology. Awards you think, why does that matter? Well, the real award is not always the actual award. Entrepreneurship is...

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