• The Endless Possibilities of IoT
    Jon Lindén, CEO, Ekkono What are you waiting for? The Internet of Things (IoT) has been on everyone’s mind since the beginning of the century. After connecting everyone, we started connecting everything. Things with sensors become accessible over the Internet from a far, which should enable the fourth industrial revolution. And so it is, right?… Read More »The Endless Possibilities of IoT
  • Running Ekkono’s Edge Machine Learning on a Commodore 64
    Henrik Linusson, Data Scientist, Ekkono What does it really mean to run machine learning on the edge? Over the last five years, Ekkono’s researchers, engineers, and developers have been working hard to bring smart functionality to small hardware platforms. In this blog post, I would like to give you a small glimpse of what’s possible… Read More »Running Ekkono’s Edge Machine Learning on a Commodore 64
  • Why research is crucial for machine learning
    Eva Garcia Martin, Data Scientist, Ekkono Ekkono is born out of research. Rikard König, a PhD researcher at University of Borås (now CTO) spent seven years researching and specializing in machine learning for predictive modeling, with the main focus at designing new or enhanced machine learning algorithms. That later became the foundation to Ekkono’s product… Read More »Why research is crucial for machine learning
  • The Fear of Missing Out on Digital Events
    Blog PostEllinor Bokedal, Marketing Director, Ekkono I got a bunny rabbit for my kids when they were younger. His name was Scotte and he always kept one ear up and one down. The kids thought he was fun to play with, at first, and then he was mine to care for. One night I must… Read More »The Fear of Missing Out on Digital Events
  • SDK vs DIY
    Blog PostAndreas Björnberg, VP Product Management, Ekkono After 24 years of using C++/C and Python SDKs, and also developing special low-level SDKs for others, I will share my personal reflections on why it’s better to go with an SDK rather than “Do It Yourself” (DIY), implementing low-level functionality from scratch.  Software Development Kit First, what… Read More »SDK vs DIY
  • 2021 – A New Hope
    Blog PostLinn Sidahl, Head of Business Development, Ekkono In Star Wars episode IV, princess Leia and the rebellions are fighting against the Empire in hope for a new future, characterized by justice and equality. To defeat the darkness of the Empire and the ruling Sith Lords, they ultimately need to destroy the Death Star, a… Read More »2021 – A New Hope
  • Winning Awards – Why It Matters
    Blog PostJon Lindén, CEO Ekkono The first week of November, Ekkono was awarded not only one, but three prestigious awards for our cutting-edge technology. Awards you think, why does that matter? Well, the real award is not always the actual award. Entrepreneurship is not a competition, but sometimes it’s the door to a customer you… Read More »Winning Awards – Why It Matters