A kick-start prestudy for your company’s Smart IoT strategy at only 8,900€

Do you have an edge strategy? If you don’t, it’s time to get started! Edge computing enables mass-customization of every individual unit in your fleet of products by learning its local environment. An example of this is how, and how much the unit is used. This is the future of automated remote maintenance. Ekkono has extensive experience from working with top tier customers like ABB, Volvo, Alfa Laval, Siemens Energy and Husqvarna on different use cases.

In working with these demanding customers, we have developed a state-of-the-art process for how to run these projects. We use a refined version of the CRISP-DM process, which was originally created for data mining. The key to success in CRISP-DM is a properly defined problem and solution, in other words a use case. We will look at the initial stage of the CRISP-DM process called Business Understanding (BU).

use case pre-study package

About the Use Case Pre-Study Package

This pre-study starts by presenting the plethora of use cases that are enabled by Edge Machine Learning. This ranges from condition-based maintenance and auto-installation to self-optimization and smart battery management. By answering some high-level questions, you get directed to the use case that is most applicable to you. The information provided will tell you how feasible machine learning is to resolve your use case. We will also analyze the probability of a successful case as well as the business value of the chosen use case.

Ekkono experts will assess the results and develop a custom report with conclusions and recommendations. We will also supply a roadmap for how to proceed towards a pilot and deployment. The objective is to provide you with the decision material needed to make a management decision. We will help you develop your first next-gen smart product that will elevate you to become a modern product OEM.

Practical details

  • Target audience: Product OEM companies
  • Price: 8,900€/attendee
  • Deliverables: A report with a firm recommendation for how to implement a solution to resolve a unique use case for your company

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