Jon Lindén, CEO Ekkono

This is the most important reading you will do this summer. This will be your inspiration when you go on vacation, kick back in the hammock with a cold drink, and start thinking about the future. Because I will tell you what is, without a doubt, the next big sustainability leap. Just think about; We have for decades been perfecting generic products. With Smart IoT you can extend this to perfect how each and every unit runs optimally through its entire life. By constantly learning, adapting, individually, for exactly what it’s used for and its super-local conditions. And the best part is that Smart IoT doesn’t just do good – it’s also good business. This is your chance to transform into that service-centric and software-driven business model you have been longing for. And there is no better time to do so than right now as we restart coming out of the gates from the Corona crises.

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