Research at Core

Ekkono is a knowledge-driven company built on cutting-edge research on edge machine learning. The uniqueness, and the result of seven years of machine learning research at the University of Borås in Sweden, is the ability to do incremental learning on streaming sensor data onboard the device.

Being on the forefront of research, using it in our daily corporate life, is crucial to stay on top our product development. At Ekkono we have leading Data Scientists in the fields of Incremental Learning and Energy Efficient Algorithms. Our research areas stretch from Sensor Data, to Machine Learning Algorithms and Resource-Constrained Devices.

Research Areas

Sensor Data

  • Pipeline
  • Feature Analysis
  • Signal Processing

Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Federated Learning
  • Incremental Learning
  • Change Detection
  • Online Distribution Approximation
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Conformal Prediction
  • AutoML
  • Time Series Forecasting

Resource-Constrained Devices

  • Crystal
  • TinyML