Jon Lindén, CEO Ekkono

Crises equals challenges – but also opportunities. Sometimes you need that special reason to stop and reconsider your priorities, what you are doing and why you are doing it. The Corona situation has taken previously unseen proportions. As we hopefully start to normalize after the summer vacations, there will be a new normal. Corona has expedited digitalization. Digitalization of physical products is what we refer to as IoT. This will be the golden opportunity to clean up among your innovation projects and kick-start your Smart IoT projects. There are still open spots for the leadership position here in many industries. Below you find tools and best practice for how to cross the starting line and set sails for a shiny destination. Innovation projects usually include a partner, like an agile startup. As a representative of this category, we have taken the liberty to also provide a checklist for how we make enterprise-startup collaboration work as good as possible.

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