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Now is the time to get prepared for post-Corona – get ready to come out of the gates running! You can’t find anyone who knows more about Smart IoT than us, Ekkono; About data science, how to implement Edge Machine Learning, and how to turn it into good business. We miss our customer meetings! To compensate for postponed physical meetings, we offer you – free of charge – to pick and choose among our experts who you want in a workshop. This is a perfect exercise for a remote session.

At Ekkono, we have some of the best data science PhDs in the world. We have taken an active role in doing IoT business development with the customers above. We’re a combination of academic research experience and serial entrepreneurs. We are pioneers in IoT and machine learning. We are, as you’ll see when you browse through the resources below, thought-leaders in one of the hottest segments today.

All you have to do is bring those who are stakeholders on your side. We know that best practice always starts with a real problem. Please prepare what is your/your customers’ biggest issue or headache. You’ll be surprised how many of these problems can and will be resolved through smart IoT. We’ll guide you based on the CRISP-DM process that is excellent for this.

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Ekkono Experts available for you:

  • Eva Garcia-Martin, Data Scientist: Spanish-native expert on energy-efficient machine learning algorithms
  • Joakim Andersson, VP Solutions Architecture: Tech-ninja that heads up the field resources to deliver on the future
  • Melissa Jenkins, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO): Programmer turned business executive, who understands every aspect of the IoT eco-system
  • Rikard König, CTO: Machine Learning guru who headed up the university research, and who now heads up our product development
  • Jon Lindén, CEO: Serial entrepreneur and business strategist, who will most certainly place a seed in your head for a new idea
  • Linn Sidahl, Head of Business Development: Management consultant who adds structure to take you all the way for the bucket of gold
  • Henrik Linusson, Data Scientist: A Data Science artist who’ll find the needle in the haystack
  • Dawid Nogens, Sr Software Developer: Native German-speaking full-stack developer who speaks speeds and feeds
  • Andreas Elm, Tech Lead Germany/DACH: Frankfurt-based Tech Lead for the DACH region
  • Anders Alneng, VP Sales: The guy who’ll convert you into an Ekkono customer

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