A Healthy Product Starts With Smart Software!

Ekkono targets product OEMs in all industries. IoT means that these companies connect their products to extend the relationship with them until after they leave the factory. This is where Industry 4.0 is today, where all components must become a little smarter for the entire process to become a lot smarter.

Ekkono enable a transformation from product to services-sales, as OEMs know and can predict utilization. We target products – not production. Still, Ekkono gets into production through the backdoor as industrial components like pumps, motors, heat exchangers and electrical drives become smart, self-learning and predictive using our technology.

Added Value

Ekkono enable added-value services such as:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Personalization
  • More sustainable products and operations:
    – Lower energy consumption
    – Less emissions
    – Longer product life as the products are better serviced and optimally configured.


Industrial Components is an early and fairly mature vertical for us. Among customers and prospects are manufacturers of electrical drives, motors, ball bearings, pumps, compressors, conveyor bands etc. The use cases range from Predictive Maintenance to Auto-Tuning and Self-Installation, where the business value and ROI is measurable.