Events & Activities

Events and activities Ekkono host or participate in, to influence and educate the market about edge machine learning.

Latest Past Events

Qt World Summit

Rikard König, CTO Ekkono, is presenting at the Qt World Summit on November 3, 2021 on "Embedded machine learning based decision support for IoT". Decision support systems require accurate decision support and intuitive interfaces to be accepted by users. When applied to IoT devices residing in varied environments and exists in multitudes of configurations, the […]

Edge Computing and IoT

Edge Computing and IoT Hub Security is excited to host a panel of industry experts to discuss Edge computing and IoT. The key topics we will discuss at this event include: - Edge computing & 5G - AI applications - Real-time applications in industrial IoT - Implementation of Ai to IoT and Edge - Security […]

THINGS eBazaar™ Smart Products

Anders Alneng, Co-founder and VP Sales, Ekkono, is speaking at Things eBazaar Smart Products IoT enables products to be connected to the Internet which adds opportunities to perform some basic tasks like tracking the product, check if it is operational, receive alarms from it etc. This is all good but by integrating such products in […]