When the German Energy Agency announced the finalists at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue Virtual Evening Reception on Tuesday, March 16, it was official that Ekkono Solution is top three finalist of the SET Award 2021 in the category Demand-Side Innovation. The Start Up Energy Transition Award (SET) annually recognizes startups for the most innovative and effective business models in the fields of energy transition and climate protection and Ekkono is selected finalist amongst 543 companies from 89 countries. After a thorough evaluation by the jury members and an analysis by start-up rating agency EarlyMetrics, Ekkono finished with top scores, deeming it an important innovation for the move towards energy transition.

Berlin, Germany. Photo: Daniel Brosch (Unsplash)

The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue has in the past years become a leading international forum for key stakeholders of the energy sector. High-level policymakers, industry, science and civil society are given the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas on a safe, affordable and environmentally responsible global energy transition. As part of the conference, the German Energy Agency and the World Energy Council celebrates innovation, tenacity and companies that are revolutionizing the energy world by listing the most game changing tech for good companies that get to present their innovations to an international jury of energy sector experts. Ekkono was announced finalist on March 16 when the fifth edition of the SET Awards listed the top three winners in each category.

– Wow, we are honored to once again get this level of honorable recognition, generally since it is in the field of energy transition, but especially in the Demand-Side Innovation category. The SET Award is a powerful list of impact startups and it is a great honor to be on this list. The fact that we are listed among more than 500 other startups worldwide is incredible. It validates our position being a pioneer with our cutting-edge machine learning solution and its importance for the future transition into a more sustainable future, says Jon Lindén, CEO of Ekkono Solutions.

Energy optimization crucial for climate neutrality

Ekkono’s edge machine learning software enables product companies to rapidly develop features onboard their products that are smart, self-learning and predictive. This is used to learn the individual normal state for a device and when something deviates from that normal state and can be used for predictive maintenance that prolongs the life of a product, or configuration of how to run the product in the most efficient and sustainable way for where and how it is being used. Running this intelligence on the device comes with several benefits, including data integrity and less dependence on connectivity. With 83 billion connected devices in the world by 2024, as predicted by Juniper Research, we need to find a way to use our natural resources smarter and more sustainably. By using Ekkono’s software, product companies not only extend the lives of their own products, but they also contribute to a more automated and sustainable industry.

– Sustainability is in Ekkono’s DNA and our whole reason for existing. Our product comes from seven years of university research, and since we founded Ekkono in 2016 we have seen what our software can do in terms of predictive maintenance, smart battery management and virtual sensors to optimize and automate industrial and automotive companies and their existing products. We truly contribute to energy transition and a more climate neutral world, so this award means a lot to us, both as a company but also as a verification to our customers. We are all in this transition to shape a climate neutral future with innovative solutions and smart approaches together, says Jon Lindén.

The winner of the SET Award 2021 is chosen at the SET Tech Festival on September 1, 2021. Read the Press Release from Start Up Energy Transition here.

About SET100

The SET100 list offers a current insight into startups. Every year, the SET initiative publishes the 100 most innovative and promising applicants for the SET Award. The list makes it clear that all parts of the world are working passionately towards protecting the climate and achieving the goals of the energy transition.

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